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Sometimes a girl needs a cocktail

Nine times out of ten, wine is my beverage of choice.

When I’m at a Mexican restaurant and most people are drinking margaritas, I’m drinking wine.

When I’m at a Chinese restaurant and most people are drinking tea, I’m drinking wine.

And when I’m at a barbecue or watching a sporting event or eating a pizza and most people are drinking beer, I’m drinking wine.

And yet—

Sometimes a girl needs a cocktail.

Like when it’s late on a summer’s afternoon and I’ve spent the last couple/few hours working in the yard and I’m hot and tired and borderline cranky and desperately needing to chill.

For those times, I need something icy and cold, something I can enjoy in big gulps if I want to, something delicious and refreshing and that has the satisfying sting of actual hard liquor.

But that’s still, you know, girly.

Something like a Strawberry Vodka and Tonic.

It’s inspired by one of my favorite annual summer traditions—whipping up a batch of this amazing strawberry vodka (thank you, David Lebovitz and Sean Timberlake). The beautifully pink, fragrant, and fruity vodka is delicious enough to enjoy straight, over ice. But I like it best with a splash of tonic. (Here’s the recipe, although you could probably figure it out easily enough.)

This cocktail is so gosh-darned yummy, I’ve been thinking about how I might enjoy something similar other times of year.

Honeydew Vodka and Tonic? Pineapple Vodka and Tonic? Mango Vodka and Tonic?

Yes, please.

After one—or maybe, um, one-and-a-half—of my girly cocktails, the working-in-the-yard crankiness is a distant memory and I’m solidly into summery R&R.

Ready for dinner. And a glass of wine.

Strawberry Vodka and Tonic /


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