Strawberry Vodka and Tonic /

Strawberry Vodka and Tonic

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This super summery cocktail is inspired by one of my favorite annual traditions—whipping up a batch of this awesome strawberry vodka (thank you, David Lebovitz and Sean Timberlake). So first pop over to that link and make some. It takes a little foresight, but not much effort, and the result is well worth it—a beautifully pink, fragrant, and fruity vodka that’s also delicious straight, over ice.

In a pinch, you could probably make a pretty good facsimile of the drink without it, by muddling first muddling the vodka with some fresh strawberries.

Makes 1

  • 6 ounces tonic water
  • 2 ounces strawberry vodka (see above)
  • Wedge of lime

Fill a highball glass or tall tumbler with ice. Add the tonic and vodka. Squeeze the lime into the glass, then drop it in and serve.

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