How to make checkerboard cookies

December 11, 2013

Checkerboard butter cookies on

Recently, it was our wedding anniversary and I had absolutely no idea what to get for my husband.

Absolutely. No. Idea.

So, knowing cookies are his favorite food, I offered to make him a batch of whatever kind he chose.

He chose these checkerboard butter cookies, a combination of my basic Butter Cookies recipe, plus a Mexican Chocolate variation. The recipe has variations galore—including Almond Five-Spice, Lemon Poppyseed, and Maple Brown Sugar—but you can make the checkerboard pattern with two batches of just one flavor and some food coloring.

The cookies themselves are drop-dead easy. The checkerboard pattern takes a little time, but there’s nothing hard about it.

Here’s how to do it:

How to make checkerboard butter cookies on

The result is a snazzy-looking treat that’d be at home at even the fanciest cookie exchange.

I sliced and baked a couple dozen checkerboards for my husband, and gave him the rest as logs of dough for the freezer—so he can bake a new batch whenever the mood strikes.

He might even have enough to last until next year’s anniversary.


Checkerboard butter cookies on

15 thoughts on “How to make checkerboard cookies

  1. Jill Post author

    Tim–I once participated in a cookie exchange and someone brought checkerboard cookies. I, too, went “Duh!” and set about to make them myself. I always like it when something high on the impressive scale is also low on the effort scale, don’t you?

  2. Timm Eubanks

    Yes, I like the impress scale related to the effort scale. I was even smarter and sent you post to my wife and she said she was definitely making those! Effort scale went way down! I knew she would be all over those. She is the baker in the family.

  3. Jill Post author

    Timm–(sorry I misspelled it earlier)–you are very clever indeed! You and my husband figured out the same thing–best way to enjoy them is to get someone else to make them!

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