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A trip to Seattle, part 2

A few of my favorite things about my weekend in Seattle, at the International Food Bloggers Conference:

I took the light rail from the airport downtown. It took only about an hour, it cost only $2.75, and I arrived feeling dialed in and city savvy. Time and money well spent.

Corner room at the W Hotel on

Arrived at the super-groovy W Hotel, home of the conference, I scored a corner room with walls of windows.

Carpets at the W Hotel on

More W Hotel groovyness, right down to the carpeting.

Lobby of the W Hotel on

And the Jetson-esque lobby.

During Friday’s lunch, I met Yeti Ezeanii. We quickly became conference buddies.

Saturday dinner was orchestrated to send all the attendees to dinner at twenty-five different restaurants around town. We weren’t told where we were going, only when and where to show up for the bus that’d take us there. Surprise!

I ended up having a great meal at Terra Plata, in the company of Kelli Samson. We also quickly became conference buddies.

Space Needle on

After dinner, I had a nighttime-in-the-city walk back to the hotel, including a peek at the Space Needle.

Perhaps best of all, thanks to Yeti, Kelli, and others like them, I found out that bloggers aren’t the scary, social media-savvy uber-sophisticates I expected. They’re regular folks, just like you and me.

And just like me, they’re doing their best.

(Next time, a little about what I learned.)


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