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A toast to 2014

Before 2014 gets too far in the rearview mirror, I’m pouring myself a festive New-Fangled Old-Fashioned cocktail and celebrating the year that was.

In 2014, I created 88 recipes.

I got paid for 56 photos.

I worked with 14 clients, including 3 new ones.

I contributed a total of 12 pieces to 2 magazines, and wrote 19 pieces for 2 web sites.

I wrote 20 blog posts.

I taught 14 cooking classes.

I was on TV.

I started using Instagram.

I couldn’t get enough of this cake.

And I took 5 trips—some for work, some for pleasure, and 1 for both.

It was a busy year, and a satisfying one.

New-Fangled Old-Fashioned /

This year, I hope to do it all again. Plus…

More regular blog posts.

An offer on a cookbook proposal.

Another vacation.

More cake.

But for now, here’s to 2014. Thank you for helping to make it so sweet.

New-Fangled Old-Fashioned /

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