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The end, perhaps, of store bought bread

It all started back in January, when I resolved to cook more often and make homemade versions of some of the processed foods I buy—things like bread, cheese, pasta, and yogurt.

First, I made a few batches of rye. Then my husband, who had been a semi-regular bread baker, got into the act. Soon our freezer was jam-packed with the rye, several versions of a rustic Italian, and a beautiful bread from Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day—my husband’s bible—called struan. We’re particularly excited about the struan for BLTs with homegrown tomatoes in a few months.

It was bread-pallooza.

No-Knead Country Wheat Bread on

Which was really good and righteously satisfying. But not quite enough to rule out store bought bread once and for all.

See, I like a really grainy, wheaty, hearty bread, especially for toast in the morning, slathered with peanut butter or goat cheese. None of our breads so far had filled that bill.

And then along came Rosemary.

More specifically, a blog post from my friend Rosemary Mark featuring No-Knead Country Wheat Bread. I made it within the week.

No-Knead Country Wheat Bread on

Now most bread is pretty easy to make. But this one is ridiculous. I put it together in about ten minutes, let it rise overnight, then spent about five more minutes of hands-on time the next day.

Perhaps even better, the finished bread had all the grainy, hearty qualities I was looking for.

No-Knead Country Wheat Bread on

I’ve made several more since that first loaf, each time slightly varying the flours and adding different combinations of seeds, grains, and nuts (here are of Rosemary’s variations). I like that, in addition to being quick, easy, and delicious, the recipe is super malleable. It’s a good way to use up the bits and bobs that tend to accumulate in my cupboard. (I like making homemade granola for the same reason.)

So is this the end of store bought bread? Perhaps.

Although I can’t imagine life without an occasional Acme baguette, thanks to Rosemary, I don’t think I’ll be buying the sliced stuff for my morning toast any time soon.

No-Knead Country Wheat Bread on

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