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A practically perfect, pesto-licious weekend

It was a practically perfect weekend.

There were chores, as usual, but they weren’t the usual chores. They were fun, summery chores.

We put up the tomato trellis—always an exciting hallmark of the season—and, for the second year in a row, a cucumber trellis, too.

My friend Sophie brought us a flat of peaches, so we made a pie. How fun is that?

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Perhaps best of all,  we made the summer’s first pesto, from this recipe. A huge batch of it.

There’s nothing like stashing cubes of homegrown, homemade pesto—gobs and gobs of them—in the freezer. I’ve been smiling to myself ever since, knowing there’ll be months of pesto-liciousness ahead.

It’ll get slathered on sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. It’ll get stirred into salads, soups, and sauces. And probably most often, it’ll get draped over simply grilled chicken and fish. (See this post for more of my favorite ways to use pesto.)

All good.

This weekend, it’s back to regular chores—housecleaning, weeding and pruning, you know.

But I’ll smile knowing that sometime this winter, when it’s rainy and gloomy and cold, I’ll reach in the freezer, grab some pesto, and have a taste of summer—

And the practically perfect weekend that was.

Basil Pesto /

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