Classic Cobb Salad / #cobbsalad #salad #chickensalad #bluecheese #bacon

Needs, wants, and an indulgent cobb salad

Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile what you want with what you need.

I need to save money, but I want a new pair of shoes. I need to lose weight, but I want dessert. I need to get work done, but… I wonder what’s happening on Facebook?

Maybe it’s a measure of one’s grown-up-ness, how easily one chooses a need over a want.

This is on my mind because, as surely you’ve heard, California is experiencing a drought. I’m trying to be a good citizen and pray for rain, but I’m also a native Californian who adores nothing more than a sunshiny day.

People say things like, “I hope it rains, we really need it” and I nod in agreement. But really, selfishly, I’m hoping for a cloudless sky.

Mother Nature is confused, too. In my back yard, the crocuses have come and gone, the daffodils are blooming, and the tulips are well on their way. It’s spring even though the calendar says February.

So I’m indulging my inner child with this Classic Cobb Salad, complete with out-of-season cherry tomatoes and Eastery hard-boiled eggs, in the hopes it’ll inspire an outer, altruistic adult who’s pulling for rain.

We really need it. But I really don’t want it. :(

Classic Cobb Salad / #cobbsalad #salad #chickensalad #bluecheese #bacon

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