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Have a sweet ‘16

One last bit of business before the holidays are too far behind us, and that’s to wish you a sweet ’16.

I wish you a year full of hugs and kisses, chocolate and otherwise.

I wish you cold nights with warming soups and days of bright sunshine. I wish you spring bulbs and summer barbecues. And more treats than tricks in the fall.

In 2016, may all your soufflés rise and all your steaks be cooked to the perfect doneness. May your cakes release and your attachment to outcomes—in the kitchen and otherwise—be loose.

May you try new things—searing scallops, perhaps?—and fail at only a few.

May you have it all, even soft, chewy Easy Orange Marmalade Bars, and share it with others.

May your every day be delicious.

Have a sweet ’16.

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