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Granola makes me happy

There’s lots of kinds of happy.

There’s deliriously happy, like on my wedding day, when I could hardly stop smiling like an idiot.

There’s thrilled with happiness, like when I walked into my surprise 40th birthday party. I was pretty stupefied, too, as the video of my response to “Surprise!” can prove. But I was definitely thrilled. And very happy.

There’s the giggling happy of when my husband does Jimmy Stewart, or when our cat pokes her cute little arm out of a cardboard box to grab a toy mouse.

But then there are more subtle happinesses. The kind that make me smile just to myself.

Like the happiness of spending the morning at the farmer’s market. Or putting on a new lipstick that’s the absolute perfect color.

And yes, I get smiling-to-myself happy from granola. Specifically, my granola (here’s the recipe)—homemade, packed into resealable bags, and at-the-ready in the cupboard.

Granola makes me happy because I know that with just a little effort today, there’ll be tons of amazing fruit, yogurt, and granola breakfasts to come. And I’m happy knowing that my granola will taste better than anything I can buy at the store, and without a single solitary crap, filler, what-the-hell-is-this? processed food ingredient.

Bottom line, I’m treating myself well when I make granola. And that makes me happy.

A person can only have so many wedding days and surprise 40th birthday parties. And even a perfect lipstick is a rare thing.

But granola happy is always available.

Cherry Almond Granola /


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