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You will love “Finger Lickin’ Chicken”

I have some exciting news. I’ve written a new cookbook, “Finger Lickin’ Chicken”!

“Finger Lickin’ Chicken” is a mini e-book—just 12 recipes and available only as a digital download on Amazon and iTunes. But the dishes are all new, and just as scrumptious as if there were a hundred of them.

Why a mini e-book? One, I wanted to dip my toe into non-traditional publishing to see if it was for me. And two, I wanted to express myself as a cookbook author, since it’s been, er, a while since my last book. And this was a relatively inexpensive and easy way to do both.

(It turned out absolutely adorable—thanks to my husband’s design and my dad’s illustrations.)

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Why chicken? Because we love it! In the U.S. alone, the average person enjoys 91 pounds a year—way more than any other protein. But that familiarity can mean chicken can get a little, well, boring.

Does that mean we should give up on it? Definitely not! It just means we need to shake things up.

The recipes in “Finger Lickin’ Chicken” cover the gamut from salad and stir-fry to stew and chili. There’s Roasted Wings with Spiced Apricot Sauce, Spice-Rubbed Chicken Quarters, Jambalaya Chicken in a Skillet, and Arugula Salad with Chicken, Strawberries, and Almonds—all pictured here—to name just a few.

Plus—tips galore! Including 10 tips for making all your chicken finger lickin’ great, 10 ways to dress up a grilled chicken breast, and 10 things to do with rotisserie chicken.

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“Finger Lickin’ Chicken” means you can enjoy chicken anew with recipes that are simple yet refreshing. Recipes with oomph. Recipes that are easy enough to deserve a regular spot in the rotation—yet special enough that you’ll relish every finger lickin’ bite.

I’ll spend my next few posts sharing chicken-cooking wisdom and recipes. Meanwhile, raise a wing and help me toast “Finger Lickin’ Chicken”!

And check it out on Amazon and iTunes. You’ll love it. :)

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12 new recipes! Simple to make—yet special enough that you’ll relish every finger lickin’ bite!

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