Cooking the books: I Scream Sandwich!

May 23, 2013

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich on

It’s no surprise I would want to cook from this book.

I know and adore its author, Jennie Schacht. She’s one of the smartest, savviest, friendliest, easiest-to-like people I’ve ever met. She’s given me a career boost more than once, and sprinkled words of wisdom in my direction many, many more times than that. I consider myself truly lucky to call her a colleague, confidant, mentor, resource, and friend.

And the book features my favorite food, ice cream. Even better, all flavors of ice cream—from basics to truly exotic creations—sandwiched between amazing and complementary cookies.

Here’s an example: an ice cream sandwich called Vietnamese Breakfast, featuring Vietnamese coffee ice cream on Parisian cocoa macarons. Pretty awesome, right?

And on top of all that, the book is absolutely adorable.

I Scream Sandwich! by Jennie Schacht on

I’m a sucker for an adorable book.

So cook from “I Scream Sandwich: Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Frozen Treat” (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2013) I did. And will definitely do again and again.

This week, it was the PB&J (pictured, here’s the recipe), featuring peanut butter ice cream on toast with raspberry jam. Too bad that husband isn’t a peanut butter fan. Not.

More for me.

Other recipes on my to-do list include Plum Good, featuring plum frozen yogurt on lavender walnut shortbread; Everything Is Rosie, with rosewater ice cream on pistachio-cardamom sandies; and Got Your Goat, frozen honey vanilla goat’s milk on sugar cone cookies.

It will be an undoubtedly delicious, ice creamy summer.

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich on

A couple of other things I love about Jennie’s book. Each recipe gives you the option to “take it easy,” suggesting a way to cut corners and make the sandwiches a little easier—by using store bought cookies, for example, instead of a sandwich’s companion cookie recipe. And each recipe also includes a “dress it up” option, a suggestion for a way to enhance your ice cream sandwiches—coating the edges with Honey-Roasted Peanut Brittle, for example. There are so many dress-up, add-in, and coating recipes, in fact, that they get their own chapter.

So do I love “I Scream Sandwich!”? You bet.

Is that surprising? Not. At. All.

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich on

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  1. Jill Post author

    Thanks for checking out the post, Looking Fancy! If you think this looks good, you should totally check out the book. Drool-worthy!

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