An apology to my handful of subscribers!

Last week, someone pushed a button that accidentally deleted my entire web site, including all my blog posts (it wasn’t me, honest!). I’ve since rebuilt the site, but in reinstalling the blog, I unintentionally sent its default first post, titled “Hello world,” to my handful of subscribers. I apologize for any confusion it caused!

Luckily I have all my previous blog posts in Word documents, so I can reload them. (There’s an advantage to being a not-too-prolific blogger – not much to reload!) I think I’ve deactivated syndication and so you shouldn’t re-receive those fifteen or so posts – emphasis on the word think. If I’m incorrect about that, I apologize in advance for the soon-to-be-flooding of your inbox. (What’s the emoticon for an embarassed grimace?) I’m relatively sure it’ll be a one-time thing, emphasis on relatively.

Hoping it’ll soften any blow a bit, know that after all this rebuilding, I’ve got a post about my recent week at Rancho La Puerta, an incredible spa/resort in Tecate, Mexico, where I had the amazing fortune to be the visiting culinary instructor a couple of weeks ago.

So stay tuned, keep your fingers crossed for me, and again, I’m so sorry for the bother!

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