A swoon-worthy Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble

July 24, 2015


Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble / JillHough.com

So, um, nectarines. Best fruit ever, right?

And almonds, which beautifully complement all manner of stone fruits, which includes nectarines.

And rosé wine, which beautifully complements everything about summer, including, yes, stone fruits and nectarines.

Put them all together—in the form of a crumble, perhaps the best way ever invented to enjoy amazing fruit—and what do you get?

Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble.

Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble / JillHough.com


Don’t think of it as a company’s-coming thing, although a Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble is truly swoon-worthy—what with the wine and the nuts and even a dash of cardamom—and could definitely be served for company.

Instead, think of it as a way to relish in summer itself. Special, yes, but part of what makes both crumbles and summer special is that they’re relaxed and easy-going.

So make a cardamom-laced, special-yet-easy-going Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble for no particular reason. Serve it on a weeknight. Have leftovers for breakfast. And have it again with lunch.

Revel in its fruity, pastry-y, perfect-combination-of-delicious-things sweetness until it’s gone.

Then make another. And swoon all over.

Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble / JillHough.com


16 thoughts on “A swoon-worthy Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble

  1. Julie @ Texan New Yorker

    This looks absolutely fantastic, and your pictures are so gorgeous!! I love nectarines, and they are *just* coming into season where I live. I’ll have to make this! I love that you added rose wine – I did that with a rhubarb crumble a few years ago and it was heavenly. :)

  2. Jill Post author

    Nectarines are only just coming in New York??? I’ve been gorging on them for a month or so now–probably one of the few benefits of the drought! Thanks for your compliments on my photos–I like your idea of rose with rhubarb. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

  3. Jill Post author

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Katie! This is one of the first crumbles I’ve ever made without oats (some will tell you that’s a crisp, but the terms get pretty confusing!), and I like it much better this way–much more pastry-ish. :) How do you usually make your topping?

  4. Julia

    Nectarines are my favorite this time of year! I love this crumble-I bet it is so sweet and perfect with some cold vanilla ice cream.

  5. Kaitie

    This looks so good! The nectarines would pair beautifully with a rose wine! Your pictures are so beautiful and really make me want to make some for dessert this weekend! Love it!

  6. Jill Post author

    Thanks for stopping by to say so, Julia, and nice to meet a fellow nectarine lover! And you’re right about ice cream–it’s about the only thing that’d improve this crumble :)

  7. Jill Post author

    Don’t wait for the weekend, Kaitie! This crumble is easy to make any ol’ time, and all the more special when you’re enjoying it on a Wednesday :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. Joanie @ Zagleft

    I love nectarines this time of year and this dessert looks like a wonderful way to use them. I love the ease of making crumbles and crisps and they always look so pretty.

  9. Jill Post author

    Thanks for stopping by to say so, Kait! Nice to get a sense of what’s happening in your farmers market, too–isn’t this time of year just the BEST?!?

  10. Jill Post author

    Nice to meet a fellow nectarine lover, Joanie! Just a little while longer for them here–I’m being sure to get my fill. Any other ways you particularly like them???

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