Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble /

A swoon-worthy Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble

So, um, nectarines. Best fruit ever, right?

And almonds, which beautifully complement all manner of stone fruits, which includes nectarines.

And rosé wine, which beautifully complements everything about summer, including, yes, stone fruits and nectarines.

Put them all together—in the form of a crumble, perhaps the best way ever invented to enjoy amazing fruit—and what do you get?

Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble.

Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble /


Don’t think of it as a company’s-coming thing, although a Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble is truly swoon-worthy—what with the wine and the nuts and even a dash of cardamom—and could definitely be served for company.

Instead, think of it as a way to relish in summer itself. Special, yes, but part of what makes both crumbles and summer special is that they’re relaxed and easy-going.

So make a cardamom-laced, special-yet-easy-going Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble for no particular reason. Serve it on a weeknight. Have leftovers for breakfast. And have it again with lunch.

Revel in its fruity, pastry-y, perfect-combination-of-delicious-things sweetness until it’s gone.

Then make another. And swoon all over.

Nectarine Almond Rosé Crumble /


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