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A new website and a trip to Seattle

Let’s be honest.

I’ve been writing this blog, for more than four years, to little avail.

I started at a time when it was pretty much understood that, if one wanted to be a cookbook author, one better be writing a blog. I didn’t feel like I had much choice about it, and I did it pretty much kicking and screaming.

I’ve also been doing a myriad of social media things, also because it’s expected of me. In other words, if a publisher is considering my book proposal, one of the first things they’re going to look at is how active and successful I am at marketing myself and how much of a following I have.

More kicking and screaming. More pathetic results.

About a year ago, though, I decided to fish or cut bait. That I should either really make a go of this blogging and social media thing or put myself out of my misery. Go be a waitress maybe.

As part of that effort, this week I’m introducing a new and improved website. Yay!

Designed by my brilliant husband and built by Kristy Gardner, the idea is to make the site current—like, um, how about a Pinterest button?—and also to better attract followers and subscribers.

So you’ll notice the new, mondo-cool sidebar which prominently displays buttons for connecting via various social media and also unashamedly invites blog subscriptions.

Feel free to do some clicking in that area, and to invite your friends to do the same. Seriously.

Another thing I’m doing—this weekend, for the first time, I’m attending the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle. (Forgive me, Seattle friends—it’ll be a quick in-and-out.)

I’m sure I’ll spend most of the weekend feeling old and overwhelmed.


If I’m going to do all this, I want to be successful at it. And it’s very hard to learn new things without some amount of fear and discomfort.


It’s likely I’ll grow to love and appreciate the people at this conference, and all they have to teach me, just as much as I do all my other once-intimidating-but-now-beloved colleagues.

Just in case, to soothe my nerves, I’m bringing these muffins.

So there you go. Some exciting stuff and some scary stuff.

I’m fishing.

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