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6 springy wines

A couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t yet spring and yet spring was busting out all over.

Sunshine. Tulips. The whole shebang.

Now, we’re a couple of weeks into spring and it’s near-winter outside.

Cold. Rainy. Even hailing.

The weather will catch up. Meanwhile, I’m savoring the season by sipping a springy wine or two.

Springy Wines / JillHough.com

A few faves:

Sparkling wine
It’s crisp. It’s refreshing. It’s festive. And it totally captures the just-about-to-burst excitement of spring. Why save it for a special occasion? Pop some open and celebrate April.

Sauvignon Blanc
Also crisp and refreshing, it’s lemonade for grownups. Plus, it’s practically perfect alongside spring salads, with their delicate lettuces, zingy radishes, and tart vinaigrettes.

Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
Almost a cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, it’s crisp and refreshing but a tad richer, a bit more soft and round. For those days when the sun is shining just a bit warmer. Or you’re having a Classic Cobb Salad.

Whether the bottle you pick is dry, off-dry, or dessert style, it’ll always be juicy, crisp, and bright.

Viognier and other aromatic whites
Their heady floral notes beautifully echo this flowery time of year. (Since they’re sometimes hard to find, here are two of my recent favorites: Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc+Viognier and Sterling Vintner’s Collection Aromatic White.)

When the weather is bright and green, the last thing you want is a heavy red. Enter rosé, with mild red wine flavors plus a refreshing, best-served-cold lightness.

A toast to spring. May your tulips always be blooming and your glass always full!

Springy Wines / JillHough.com

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