5 reasons to make cranberry sauce now

November 8, 2013

Cranberry and Apple Sauce on JillHough.com

It’s that time of year again. That holiday time. Time to start thinking about turkey and stuffing and whether to brine or dry brine. Time to start assembling recipes and making shopping lists.

But there’s one thing to cook right now. Cranberry sauce. Here’s why.

1. Cranberry sauce is ridiculously quick to make. It takes about 15 minutes.

2. Cranberry sauce is ridiculously easy to make. A kid could do it.

3. Cranberry sauce is ridiculously easy to make unique. Sure, you can go with a basic sauce (like this recipe by yours truly for Bon Appétit magazine). But why stop there when it’s so simple to give your sauce a little something-something?

Cranberry and Apple Sauce on JillHough.com

A few recipes to inspire you (also by yours truly and mostly for Bon Appétit):

4. What you’ll end up with will be about a thousand times better than stuff from the jar or can. Obviously.

5. Cranberry sauce keeps really well. You can make it now, cross it off the year’s most daunting culinary to-do list, and it’ll still be perfection on Thanksgiving Day. You can even store it in its serving vessel—just remove the plastic wrap and plunk it on the table. Doesn’t that sound luxurious?

I think so.

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s a little early to be saying that—but not to be making cranberry sauce.

Cranberry and Apple Sauce on JillHough.com

4 thoughts on “5 reasons to make cranberry sauce now

  1. Jennie Schacht

    I need no reasons to make cranberry sauce. I adore it. How I could not have known about your Quince and Cranberry Sauce recipe is another question. That is now at the very top of my kitchen to-do list. Thanks!

  2. Jill Post author

    Thank YOU for commenting, Jennie! I had some cranberry sauce in the fridge and was eating it alongside all kinds of things–makes you wonder why we only eat it at Thanksgiving :)

  3. Jill Post author

    And thank YOU for commenting, too, Jane! Or maybe we should call you the Quince Whisperer since it’s speaking to you!

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